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Houseware Rentals

Sunshine Rentals Deluxe Kitchen
Sunshine Rentals Wood Knife Block
Sunshine Rentals Pot Set
Sunshine Rentals Executive Kitchen
Sunshine Rentals Black Knife Block
Sunshine Rentals Utensils
Sunshine Rentals Black Appliances
Sunshine Rentals Cuisinart Upgrade
Sunshine Rentals Decorative Options
Sunshine Rentals Dining Table Quatro
Sunshine Rentals Triple Sheet Bed
Sunshine Rentals Bath Amenities
Sunshine Rentals Basic Bathroom Set
Sunshine Rentals Marble Bathroom Set
Sunshine Rentals Stainless Bathroom
"Superior Products....Extraordinary Service!!!"

Sunshine Rentals provides housewares for all temporary housing needs including:

  • Corporate Housing

  • Apartment Communities

  • Insurance Housing (ALE Specialists!)

  • Corporate Trainings

  • Military and Medical Temporary Assignments

  • Property Management Companies

  • Displaced Residents ALE (Fire, Flood, Earthquakes, Mold)

  • Relocation Companies

  • Real Estate Companies

  • Government Housing

  • Temporary Housing


Superior Quality Products

Sunshine Rentals uses the finest products and top name brands in the market place. We selected the products we offer based on their quality, usability, and decorative appeal with the comfort of the residents or policyholder in mind at all times.

Our goal is to make temporary living just like home!


Sunshine Rentals offers comprehensive "Packages" based on the number of Bedrooms to provide all the necessities for the Kitchen, Dining Room, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Living room such as China, Glasses, Pots & Pans, Utensils, Small Appliances, Linens, Telephones, Irons, Vacuums, and even Trash Cans. Each package has 100's of items designed to address the various needs of your resident or policyholder. We are also happy to design a customized Houseware Package to your specific needs. Choose from:

CUSTOMIZED PACKAGES.....NO PROBLEM!!! Our High Tech Computer System allows us to build and easily manage and maintain customize packages.  Designed to your exact desires. Consistency is guaranteed! 95% of our Customers have a Customized Houseware Package!!!  It is normal to have a high end package, middle of the road and intern package and we take great pride in customizing each and every one to your companies national standards.

DELUXE: Comprehensive Houseware Packages for families and stays over 30 days with top quality products and brands.

EXECUTIVE (VIP): This is our Deluxe Package with all the extra bells and whistles to provide every comfort one can image including upgraded bedding, upgraded kitchen items, and Everything one might desire.

Bedding Options: Designer Comforter Sets, or Elegant High Thread Count Duvet Sets, or the Triple Sheet Bedding with Designer Euro Pillows and Bed Scarf.

Decorative Options: designed to add that extra touch of home and style for a more pleasing environment.

Electronic Options: including HD LCD & Smart TVs, DVD Players, Blu-ray Players, Routers and even Sony's PlayStation 5 or XBOX Series S/X for those young or young at heart. Learn more about Electronics...

Expert Installation

Our Houseware packages are delivered to your location by our professional installers who are highly skilled artisans at setting up your new home. Your Sunshine Installer will unpack all the items and display/store them with artistic touches. In no time at all, your kitchen is ready to cook in, your table ready to eat at, and the bathrooms and bedrooms are now on par with a high-end luxury hotel and model homes. Another one of our signature touches is our exclusive Sunshine Rentals Welcome Package providing a broad assortment of necessity items, coffee, and a few snacks.

  • Convenient Ordering (Email, fax or website your choice)

  • Customized Electronic Order Forms for simplified ordering

  • Each order is confirmed for accuracy in both quantity and quality of items

  • Emailed or Faxed written confirmation of your order, detailing the items ordered, the delivery date, and pricing within 30 minutes during business hours

  • Service Notices are emailed at 3:00am PST to provide you with a summary of the services we have scheduled for your company on the next business day

  • Service Times are sent via email at 4:00am PST so you will know the time frame for each service we are providing that day.

  • Our renowned HEADS UP REPORTS(TM) Your FREE real time Eyes and Ears from our installers & housekeepers during your services.

  • New for 2012 VISUAL HEADS UP REPORTS(TM) our iPhone App enables us to take pictures of each room and send them in a PDF to you in a mater of of all it is another FREE Service!

  • Billing the way you want it:

    • Consolidated & Itemized Billing by Unit or Policy Holder 

    • One Invoice Per Rentals or Consolidated Weekly or Monthly Statement 

    • Export Files Broken Out by your GL Codes to meet your exact needs.

HEADS UP REPORTS(TM) are our trademarked communication tool that are emailed to advise you on what our installers and/or housekeepers saw during that service. From simple things like No Phone Service, to Stained carpets or dinged walls, to ants in the kitchen. Sunshine Rentals acts as your eyes and ears every time we are performing a service for you.

Commitment to Personal Service

Our professional staff is committed to providing you with Extraordinary Service each and every day. We take pride in fulfilling your temporary living needs in the most effective way possible.

Next Day Delivery

Our professional installers will Deliver and Install your order in a timely and professional manner. Upon Delivery all the Housewares are unpacked and properly stored and displayed. Beds are made, bathrooms are arranged, Kitchens are ready to cook in. Even the table is set for you to dine at! When you are done with your rental, simply place a call and we will come and pack up the items for you. It does not get any easier than that!

Customized Services

  • Walk Through

  • Unit Re-checks

  • Ozone Deodorization Service

  • Lock Box

  • Key Drop Offs

  • Move-In/Welcome Kits Customized to your look and feel

  • Gift Baskets, Meal Kits, and Snack Packs

  • Grocery Starter Service

  • Leave Behind Service

  • Maid Service

  • Routers

  • Phone Service Tech Support

  • Cable Wait Service

  • Cable/Satellite TV Box and Modem Pickup and Return Shipping

  • Click Here to Learn More about our Customized Services....


Our Housewares are put into "packages" that are designed to meet a full range of budgets and living needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer custom product mixes to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Please call, fax or email us for complete details.

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