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Our Philosophy

“Honesty, Integrity, and Mutual Respect”
Honest Products…Honest Service…Honest Prices


We believe in providing Superior Products and Extraordinary Service at Competitive Prices. That’s why our philosophy is to do everything right the very first time.  By combining this with some good old-fashioned hard work and the latest in technology, we can provide our customers with the best of the best, every day and with every service.  An honest day’s work with the best products, the best technology, and the best people is our secret to success.

Driven by Integrity


Our employees all work diligently as a team to provide you and your guests with the perfect home.  Driven by integrity and extensive cross-training, our team members rely upon our comprehensive, multifaceted quality assurance system to turn any living space into the best home for you and your guests.  Based on the Principle of Perpetual Improvement, our QA system relies upon a step-by-step process that progressively refurbishes each room until it exceeds every one of your guest’s expectations.  A promise made is a promise kept, as we are not happy until we have provided you and your guest with the perfect home experience.

Working with Respect


We believe in building long-lasting relationships that are based on mutual trust and respect. We do this by providing customized solutions that address each of your guest’s specific needs. There is no “one-size fits all” with our Housewares Packages. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize every aspect of our packages to meet you and your customer's needs. Every customer has unique requirements for their future home, and we are able to address these each and every day.  Trust and respect can only be earned by promising to exceed all of your guest’s expectations.

Measuring Success


We measure our success by the referrals our customers give to others. We are here at your service, as our success is based on your success.  We know moving can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.  So let us know how we can spread a little Sunshine on your Rental Experience!

Mark StrumwasserPresident 



(800) 908-7368 ext. 301

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