Green Side of Sunshine Rentals

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Nov 2015 was the completion of our 30kw Solar System on the roof of our distribution center. It is made of 118 255watt Orion Solar Panels, 59 Solar Power Optimizers, and three 1Okw SolarEdge Inverters. This system will cover 98% of our average energy usage. The offset to our environment is equal to removing 1,780,144 lbs of greenhouse gases, eliminating 5,713 lbs of smog, planting 15.3 acres of new trees, or removing 9.4 cars off the roads for 25 years.

Click HERE to see our solar monitor to see how much energy we are producing each and every day.

Green Laundry Process





























In 2013 and 2014 Sunshine Rentals upgraded to three 1351b High Efficiency,Continental Commercial Washing Machines. These use Ecolab's Aquanomic low temperature chemicals which optimized low temperature chemistry combined with the Smart Wash Process, to reduce wash steps, water usage and water temperature. This means we are using hot water at 100 degree vs 145 degree, saving the gas usages to heat the water that high so quickly for our needs. This results in reduced energy usage of 40-50% and with Ecolab's Aquanomic's we have reduced water usage of 30-40%.

Plus, with our super high speed extraction at the end of each cycle, it removes almost all the moisture reducing our drying times. Additionally, we added a 12'Long 120", flat ironer. Our linens go directly from the washer to the flat ironer that presses, dries, and folds our Duvets, Bed Scarves, Top Covers, Placemats,Napkins, and other non-terry linens. This reduces our use of dryers which saves gas and electricity.

Click HERE to learn more about EcoLab's Aquanomic program.

100% Recycled Paper Products & Bathroom Amenities


Sunshine Rentals only uses RENEW Paper Products that are 100% Recycled Fiber. Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal assures customers that the product they are purchasing has been grown and harvested using environmentally and socially responsible practices. FSC® certified.

Sunshine Rentals uses ARCHIVE Bathroom Amenities that are made of 100% recycled and organic materials. Bottles are made from PETG plastic, the #1 recyclable plastic resin. Soaps are made from 100% natural vegetable base and contain shea butter, pure edible grade oils and are non-toxic and biodegradable.


Low Emission Carbon Diesel Trucks









All of our delivery trucks are Mitsubishi Fuso Cantar 130's that are low emission and higher mileage diesel trucks. They deliver 13.8% more fuel efficiency then the next comparable competitors. Additionally they are equipped with environmentally friendly BlueTec emissions control, which treats emissions after they leave the engine which results in extremely low to no particulate matter and exceeds the stringent California standards.