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Heads Up Reports


It all started back in 2003 while performing a service for one of our partners. We sent an email upon completion of the service and in the title it said HEADS UP, which shared that the unit had some issues with stained carpets and AC not working. Our partner loved that email so much that it created a whole new free service that all of our partners now benefit from.

SUNSHINE RENTALS HEADS UP REPORTS(TM) provides insights on each and every service we perform for you and your guest.  They can be simple and confirm a new setup has been completed or very detailed with descriptions of problems with a new setup, turn over, or pickup.  For example, some common issues include reporting stained carpets where we include pictures showing the stains and location, No Internet Service, or damages to a unit (dings in walls, broken blinds, even odors!).

Our Housekeepers HEADS UP REPORTS(TM) confirms if the unit is occupied at time of service and notes any damages seen while also providing the date and time the housekeeping was completed.

So much information in real time, via an emailed PDF file!


We built an app for that!  With all the power of the iPhone we built an app that allows us to quickly take pictures of each room of the unit and generate a report in a PDF file that is emailed to you within 30 minutes of the completion of the stop... all of this at NO CHARGE.

If you require a more detailed inspection with a lot of pictures and checking every burner on the stove, hot and cold water, and every light switch then our Sunshine Rentals Inspection reports are an upgrade to this service.  We can use our Sunshine Rentals, Nomad or BridgeStreet formats, or build a format in our app that matches your current forms work flow. All this at a very fair and reasonable price!

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