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We Lead... Others Follow!!!

The service standards in today's global business economy have changed.  Fortune 1000 Companies are outsourcing services to other companies and countries to save money and forget that building and maintaining customer relationships is all about EXTRAORDINARY CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Many of our competitors are following this global trend to cut corners by hiring contractors to deliver their products, outsourcing housekeeping to other companies, and outsourcing their customer service to who knows where.


We at Sunshine Rentals feel very differently with over 33 years in the service business our motto is more accurate today than ever before:

Superior Products & Extraordinary Service!!!  (our secret sauce!)

SUNSHINE RENTALS does not cut corners, outsource tasks, or lower our standards of excellence to make our bottom line look better.  In fact, we Set the Standards that everyone else follows!!!. Since, 2006 we have done the exact opposite of our competitors.  We have made significant investments in 4 major areas:

1. Technology: Perpetually improving Customized Software platform that is fully integrated from end to end vertically and horizontally throughout our company.  All with one goal in mind, providing you, our customer, with Extraordinary Service each and every day!


2. Service Fleet: Expanded our Fleet of Service Vehicles to 8 Mitsubishi FUSO & Hino Trucks.  All are environmentally friendly and customized to stock spare inventory, meet our specific and demanding needs.  GPS Tracked by Fleetmatics. We own our fleet, to ensure service levels are always at 100%. (Other companies lease or rent as needed hence why they do not carry spare inventory or even have a logo on the side of the trucks)


3. Inventory: We continually update our inventory to maintain our products in Superior Showroom Condition and donate the used inventory that is no longer suitable to homeless rescues throughout Southern California.

4. TEAM!!!: We continually train, monitor, and review our team of dedicated employees.  We measure our team’s success by the constant customer complements we receive. A week does not go that we do not receive one! We pride ourselves on incredibly low employee turnover! Our employee retention ratios far exceed that of the rental industry as whole.


We want to earn your business the old fashion way…by exceeding your expectation each and every day. 

NOT by price cutting, under bidding, or lip service.  If we make a commitment we live up to it. 

Promises made are promises kept! 

We do not cancel pickups at the last minute and delay deliveries for any reason within our control.

Each and every customer is important to us no matter how big or small, every setup gets the same superior products and extraordinary service every time!

We are ultra-flexible and able to customize our products and service offers to meet your company’s exact needs.

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