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Technology Infrastructure

Sunshine Rentals continually makes significant investments in our Technology Infrastructure to better serve our customers needs. In late 2005, we implemented a new open ended software platform based on Sage MAS 200 (now ERP 100) with numerous customization's that created an end-to-end integrated solution that enables us to manage our rentals, inventory, Delivery/Pickup & Housekeeping routing, and billing as well as standard accounting functions such as Accounts Payable, Payroll, Purchasing, and General Ledger all from the same integrated application. The end result is an even better service for our customers, by providing them with more information in a simple and consistent format. Every year we continue to add features to our system to enable us to better serve our customers' and partners' needs in a fast, friendly and efficient manner.

Some of our automated PAPERLESS reporting includes:

  • Service Notices: Daily emailed PDF file that shows services scheduled for next business day. No services scheduled, no email is sent :)

  • Service Times: Daily emailed PDF file that gives 3 hour time windows for our services that day. 

  • Snap Shot Reports: Weekly emailed PDF sent out on Fridays that shows services scheduled for the next business week.

  • HEADS UP REPORTS(TM): Our trademarked and renowned HEADS UP REPORTS(TM) provide insights on a service performed. I.e. No Phone Service, Pictures showing stained carpet or damages to a unit, Housekeeper Reports confirm unit is occupied at time of clean and noting any damages seen. So much information, in real time, via an emailed PDF file.

  • VISUAL HEADS UP REPORTS(TM): Our iPhone App enables us to take pictures of each room and send them in a PDF to you in a mater of minutes after a service has been completed.

  • Emailed Invoices: Daily email for services rendered in PDF format for your processing and storage.

  • Consolidated Invoices: Takes all services on a Weekly or Monthly basis and consolidates them to one PDF document sorted by Billing Reference Number or Property Name/Unit #.

  • Invoice Export File: All your Invoices sorted by your Company GL/Department codes, broken into separate tabs in a single excel workbook that allows for quick upload and processing by your AP Team.

In 2019 we upgraded all of our installers to Apple iPhone 11s on the Verizon Network

  • It all started in 2010 with the release of the iPhone 4

  • We then developed an iPhone App that allowed us to automate the Inspection/Walk Through process. The End Result.... comprehensive, real time Inspection reports that are customized to your exact needs in an easy to read PDF format

  • Quality Control with FaceTime and real time problem/opportunity solving and trouble shooting.

  • High Quality Pictures

  • Video Inspections

  • And so much more....

December 2016 we launched our Field Service Management Mobile App which we custom built for our exact needs

  • Real time connectivity to MAS 110 ERP

  • Allows for same day exchanges 

  • Google mapping

  • Live updates back to our dispatch system

November 2018 we launched our Distribution Center Management App

We have many more technology innovations in the works for 2023 to provide even better, faster and highly accurate information and service for our business partners.

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