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Customized Services

iPhone Inspections & Walk Throughs
  • We built an App for that!:

    • All of our installers carry an Apple iPhone with a customized APP for our inspections.  

    • You can choose from our Sunshine Rentals format, Nomad, BridgeStreet, or we can take your format and build it into our app for our preferred partners (we currently have 24 different formats).

    • Each inspection includes Pictures of Every Room and pictures of any noted issues....all delivered to you within 30 minutes in a PDF file.

    • Our customized app also allows us to perform video inspections and Curb-to-Door videos that show your guest how to get to their apartment.

    • Details, Details, Details...we look for all of the details!

Lockbox Service
  • By utilizing our Lockbox Service during your Houseware Rental delivery:

    • Sunshine Rentals provides a Shurlok lockbox (you can choose the 4 digit combination to open the key door)

  • Tells us what to get:

    • Door Keys

    • Amenity Keys

    • Parking Passes

    • Gate Remotes

    • Gate Keys

    • Garage Remote

    • Mailbox Key

  • Upon arrival at the Property our Installer will pickup the above keys to leave in the unit and test the door and install the lock box..

Gift Baskets, Meal Kits & Snack Packs

We stock a wide variety of breakfast, dinner and snack items that are assembled into an attractive basket and left for your guest. We can utilize your existing logo box, bag, or basket or provide one of our generic baskets wrapped with clear cellophane and ribbon.

Cable Box & Modem Pickup & Return Service

At the time of Pickup of your Houseware Rental, our installers can pickup all Cable/Satellite TV Boxes and Cable/DSL Modems. We will bring them back to our warehouse and either store them for your next delivery or ship them back within 72 hours to the service provider of your choice. We even email you a FedEx tracking number for your records.

No more lost equipment bills (we have been told that the costs are between $300 & $800).

Cable/DSL Wait

Having Trouble with Cable or DSL installation? One of our Maids or Installers can wait for the technician so your resident is not inconvenienced.  You simply make the appointment and request a narrow time window and our Maid or Installer will arrive prior, open the unit, answer the phone and let in the technician and verify the work has been done.

Leave Behind Service

You provide us with your pre-assembled branded move-in and leave behind materials and we add them to your Houseware Rentals at the time of delivery or turn. We will even print out your customized Move-in Letters and add them to your kits.

Need Something Else????

If you need it, let us know. Special Requests are our Specialty.


Lockbox Service
Gift Baskets
Cable Return
Cable Wait
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