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Our Service Fleet

Our state of the art, low carbon foot print Mitsubishi & Hino Delivery Vehicles are specially outfitted for our specific use including a full inventory of spare parts and cleaning chemicals, allowing us to overcome almost any challenge we might encounter while providing our services on a daily basis. This enables us to do our job right the first time!

All of our installers carry a Verizon Apple iPhone which are loaded with our company standard custom APPS for Move-in/Move Out Inspections & Walk Through Reporting, Sunshine Field Service App, Video QA, Traffic Monitoring, as well as messaging and fleet management tools. Our customer service team has real-time in-vehicle GPS Tracking with our partner CyntrX and text messaging as well as verbal contact with our installers throughout the business day, and stop by stop. This allows us to provide concise service times, advise of delays prior to missing a service time (traffic is a real challenge in Southern California in case you did not know) and even provide dynamic re-routing when a major freeway is closed down. We also can provide reports that show precise times at given locations for proof of delivery purposes.

With 8 Delivery vehicles, Our daily capacity is second to no one in Southern California!!!

 Another example of our commitment:

  • CARB 2010 Compliant for a lower Carbon Footprint

  • Custom Designed Vehicle, built for our purpose

  • Each Vehicle is stocked with complete inventory of Spare Houseware Items

  • Each Vehicle carries Cleaning Supplies

  • E-Track Load Management System

  • Delivery Ramps

  • Carpeted so our products arrive in Showroom conditions each and every time

  • GPS Navigation & Tracking

  • Apple iPhone Powered

  • Email & Text Messaging

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